I didn’t do anything this weekend and it was blissful

20140707-143253-52373334.jpg I didn’t do anything this weekend and it was…blissful.  I’ve been doing pretty well at making time to write and craft during the week lately so when Saturday came this week, I didn’t have this nagging feeling that I needed to “DO SOMETHING!” because I’d never get it done otherwise.  Instead, on the 4th of July hubby, some friends, and I went to American Village where I got to hear Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death!” And hobnob with Ben Franklin.  On Saturday and Sunday I didn’t do anything.  Well, I danced! Let me repeat that.  I danced.  Since I lost mobility I have not been able to do that.  I don’t dance in public, so don’t get excited, but since I was a kid I have danced in the living room or my bedroom.  I realized at some point when I thought I was too old to do that anymore that it was exercise and that I process a lot of creative thoughts when I do it.  And I’ve really been feeling the lack of it.  It was so exciting to be able to do it again.  And then I read a book and started another and I played a video game with hubby and we both played badminton with our friends.  So even though I ‘didn’t do anything’ I was creative and now I feel rested and ready to be productive again. 

2 thoughts on “I didn’t do anything this weekend and it was blissful

  1. Sometimes it’s great to sit back and do nothing…although between reading and badminton and video games and dancing…it sure sounds like you did a lot.

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