My oven is not working. I had some bread going in the bread machine Saturday when hubby said, “Let’s go eat.” Not wanting to leave the machine on while we were gone, I took the rising dough out and put it in a bowl in the fridge to wait until I got back home. I divided the dough in two and baked them in shifts in the toaster oven. They turned out great and better looking than from the machine. This is bread machine challah with half whole wheat flour and I added blueberries. Yum!
Here is the blue inside.



Christmas in August

I can’t post pictures because, well, they’re Xmas gifts, but I started on them! Expect pictures in January. Heh. I’m excited because it’s my own design this year based on a doodle I’ve been doodling for years. Why so early? I finished last year’s gifts in February.

Update on Camp Nano

Back in June, I shared that I was going to participate in Camp Nano this year in July.  (Find out more about what that is at and originally set a goal of 25,000 words for the month to a project I’m already working on.  I changed the goal mid month to 15,000 because, since it is an existing project, even though I ended up working on it often I was editing as much as writing.  I still didn’t make that goal. I think I was around 8,000 for July.  But that wasn’t the point of participating, the word count I mean, not for me.  The point was to write and I did.  And I’ve gotten my momentum back and feel good about the project. Yay. 

Also, my house is a disaster.  That is all.