Mass Effect Baby Gift

Originally posted 9/15/14. Update at end of post

So here’s the timeline.  Last Tuesday my boss saw a picture of our co-worker’s baby in Atlanta Brave’s gear and said, “What would I put my baby in?  I need a Mass Effect onsie.”  (Mass Effect is an awesome video game if you don’t know.)

My first thought was to buy a ME patch and sew it on a plain onsie, but I couldn’t find one reasonably priced to show up in a reasonable amount of time.  I was supposed to be giving the baby sweater I made on Friday and thought it would be fun to present both.  Wednesday my brain starts turning and I made an N7 patch myself- I’ll post it separately.

THEN it occurred to me it would be even better to recreate my Mass Effect hoodie, which is like the one Shepard wears in the game. The best I could do on short notice (and a price I could afford) was a baby sweatshirt from Target sans hood. I got it Thursday after work.


But it is sooo small.  Who knew humans could be so tiny?  The patch I made was too big.  (Side story my printer is not working so I used the video game box to trace to make the pattern for the patch.  yeah, resizing would be interesting) But I got a reprieve, my boss had to cancel our lunch Friday to meet a plumber so I had the weekend to work on it, and I could print a smaller logo at work. Of course I forgot and had to run back after work Friday to print it.

I found the right size! ( I printed four sizes).


I cut the logo out of craft felt and pinned it in place (remote for size reference)


I hand stitched the logo on to the sweatshirt. It was harder than stitching felt onto felt.


I cut the stripes out of craft felt and ironed them on with Stitch Witchery (also a trip to the store! apparently I’m out.) and I hand stitched the black stripes with embroidery floss.




My hoodie with the baby jacket for reference.


I haven’t given it to my boss yet.  His wife had the baby this morning at 1am.  I plan to give the sweater first, as it’s all girlie, and then say, “Wait, man, there’s more!” I can’t wait to see his face.

UPDATE: Baby came that Sunday evening.  I didn’t know and brought my gifts to work.  Boss wasn’t there and I opened my email to find the good news.  I was a little disappointed I couldn’t give the gifts to him but it was exciting.  He surprised me on Tuesday by calling and asking if I wanted to come hold the baby.  Hubby works at the hospital where they were so we got to go together.  Momma was sleeping so I presented the gifts to Boss first, he was so distracted he didn’t notice I held one hand behind my back. He liked the sweater and ohhhed and awwwed and then I gave the ME sweatshirt and he was so excited and said, “Oh I wanted a geeky thing!”  YAY.  Hubby had to go and Boss and I chatted a bit and then his wife woke up so I quickly put the gifts back in the bags for her to open.   She loved the handmade sweater and booties and wanted to put them on the baby immediately (awww!) and then she opened the ME sweatshirt and said, “Oh he wanted a geeky thing!”  So I did good. 😀

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