Tiny crochet bat

My friend asked me to make her this tiny bat in exchange for a cake for hubby’s birthday. (I’ll post pics of that after his bday.)
Tiny bat pattern

So I decided to make a practice one first. My first attempt was too bulky so I used this grey yarn that is thinner and similar to wool but it is synthetic.

This head is better.

I’ve never used stitch markers before but this pattern goes in circles without ending a row and I lost count of the stitches in the first head I made.


Even with the stitch marker when I got to the row with the feet I had too many stitches so I improvised and just put the feet where they looked right. The first pic is the one with two feet. It’s too hard to change the order on my iPhone.

Time for the wings. My first one looked more square than the picture.

The second one (on left) looks more round.

I used French knots to make the eyes. Micheals didn’t have any that I could find. I ordered some from amazon but these look good now that I’m done.
Then I stuffed him and sewed him up and sewed on the wings. She didn’t have instructions for that so I winged it! Ha!


Ta da!

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