I made treats for the dogs! 

Hubby told me this morning as he was giving the dogs treats before we left for work that we are almost out of crunchies. What? We can’t run out of crunchies. I mean, look at that face!  

But after work hubs was super tired so I didn’t remind him but decided to make them instead. I adapted this  recipe to make a smaller batch. I halved the flour and peanut butter and added a banana (to use it up) and only used 1/4 cup milk. 

I mean look at dat face! 

I didn’t roll the dough and cut it I just made little lumps. I baked the first batch for 25 minutes and this is what they look like. 

I tried one, they weren’t as crunchy as I’d hoped, kinda like banana bread without sugar. I gave one to my taste tester.

I think he liked it.

Don’t worry I gave one to the other two. 🙂


I haven’t been around for a while. 

Having been in pain since 2011, I crafted less and less. The pain became unbearable last fall. I changed docs, got new X-rays and discovered I no longer had cartilage in my right hip. I ended up having hip replacement at the end of June. I’m over three months out and I’m so much better! I started crocheting again onthe first few weeks after surgery. I still can’t share that project because it is a gift. But then a friend told me she is ill and I asked if I could make her something. I told her my skill level and she asked for a potholder.  Sounded easy enough. Right?

My friend said she liked blue and purple with green and yellow. I thought- flower! I found a potholder pattern with a flower on etsy from WhiskersandWool and bought the yarn. 


I’d never made anything with a pattern where I change colors and the pattern instructions I guess figured the user would know how.
But this can’t be right! And WTF is a yarn over!? (I still don’t know)

I had a conversation with a friend at work about crocheting that blew my mind …

THIS is how the back should look, no cutting, it makes so much more sense! 

 And this is the front: 

Then I made the flower and leaves:

The pattern called for a white back and I thought that was boring so I made another front that was opposite, except it was smaller…oops. I pulled too tight. 

You can even see where it got tighter as I moved up. 

So I decided to make a blue back.

It’s even the same size.

And this is the finished product!

I’ll finish the purple one later – maybe keep it. Oh and I almost forgot another delay. Did you know they make scented yarn? Yeah me either. I had to go back and buy white then discovered I’d bought scented yellow as well. Who knew?