I haven’t been around for a while. 

Having been in pain since 2011, I crafted less and less. The pain became unbearable last fall. I changed docs, got new X-rays and discovered I no longer had cartilage in my right hip. I ended up having hip replacement at the end of June. I’m over three months out and I’m so much better! I started crocheting again onthe first few weeks after surgery. I still can’t share that project because it is a gift. But then a friend told me she is ill and I asked if I could make her something. I told her my skill level and she asked for a potholder.  Sounded easy enough. Right?

My friend said she liked blue and purple with green and yellow. I thought- flower! I found a potholder pattern with a flower on etsy from WhiskersandWool and bought the yarn. 


I’d never made anything with a pattern where I change colors and the pattern instructions I guess figured the user would know how.
But this can’t be right! And WTF is a yarn over!? (I still don’t know)

I had a conversation with a friend at work about crocheting that blew my mind …

THIS is how the back should look, no cutting, it makes so much more sense! 

 And this is the front: 

Then I made the flower and leaves:

The pattern called for a white back and I thought that was boring so I made another front that was opposite, except it was smaller…oops. I pulled too tight. 

You can even see where it got tighter as I moved up. 

So I decided to make a blue back.

It’s even the same size.

And this is the finished product!

I’ll finish the purple one later – maybe keep it. Oh and I almost forgot another delay. Did you know they make scented yarn? Yeah me either. I had to go back and buy white then discovered I’d bought scented yellow as well. Who knew?


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