Hubby’s birthday cake

After what I’ve started referring to as the great cake disaster of 2015 ( my cake I made Monday for my boss broke in the car on the way to work Tuesday.) I decided to order a cake for hubby. He wanted an ice cream cake anyway. But I still wanted to make it personal. He’s getting excited about the new Star Wars movie so..

Hubby’s cousin’s awesome wife made a Darth Vader cake last week so I asked her how she did it. Sugar sheets by Wilton- brilliant. She said she used a template for carving a pumpkin. I googled Death Star line drawing for mine and had to simplify it even more and resize since I printed it bigger than the cake. It worked well and hubby liked it!


This is the cake that inspired me:

Pretty cool!


Cake – definitely home made

Tomorrow is my new boss’ birthday. I really like her so I decided to make her a cake. But I’m out of practice. Apparently “super moist” actually means “crumby”. Oh and whipped frosting is not so good for decorating. The most flattering thing I can say about the cake is that it is definitely home made.  

I was going to do a fall leaf motive but the frosting is too soft so I just made it all orange and went with it. She’ll know I tried, right? 

I think I bit off more than I can chew right now. I’m better with pies! Oh hey, almost Thanksgiving!