Hubby’s Dungeons & Dragons birthday cake 

So Hubs said he wanted a D&D cake this year. Um…sure I can do that. You may remember last year he wanted a Star Wars cake. I used a Wilton sugar sheet and cut out basic shapes with scissors. But the D&D logo is way more complicated. So I thought about printing it out and tracing it with chocolate candy melts. The idea was daunting but I went for it. I think it turned out well. 

Hubs like it. He didn’t want to eat the candy. We ate the cake though. There’s a theme, he got a matching shirt.

What I did was print the logo the size of the cake. (It’s an ice cream cake from Cold Stones) and taped it under a piece of wax paper. 

I put a cookie sheet in the freezer to chill it while I melted some chocolate. 

Then I put the melted chocolate in a storage bag and snipped the corner and prepared to trace the image. My first attempt didn’t work so well so I ate them. Ha. Then I got a new bag and snipped a smaller hole and tried again. It went much better the second time. I chilled each piece and removed it before making the next one. By the time I got to the dragon head I felt like an expert. 

As a bonus I surprised hubby at our D&D game at Mythic Card and Games with dice petit fours on Saturday. I thought of it but paid Publix to make them.

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