Star Wars AT-AT crochet figure 

It took me a while just catching 20-30minutes a few times a week but I finished it! 

My friend Carol posted the pattern on Facebook ( and asked who was going to make it for her. I asked her what it was worth to her, she offered a real amount and booyah, I made a sale! (My second!)

It was easy at first, just straight forward single stitches. 

But then I had to make round things. I learned what a magic ring is. (I love YouTube btw! I found this tutorial from most helpful,

Then I had to sew the pieces together. The pattern designer didn’t really say how to though. Just to do it. I took things apart a couple times to get it right. But I got it.

Headed in the right direction.
Then the legs. I sewed on the screws.

Only after I put them together did I realize I should have sewn the little strap thing on before sewing the feet on. Oops.

But he came together in the end. 

And I realized I needed a signature so I used my butterfly photo as inspiration and voila, a logo.

Thanks Carol for the challenge!

Hoshi wanted to “help”. 😉

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